The sticker, a distinguishing sign of the state in which the car is registered, must be attached to rear of any vehicle driven in a foreign country 1. It is required under the international convention on road traffic. EU licence plates, on the other hand, have country initials incorporated into them so do not need to add a sticker. In practice not all foreign countries respond to CH sticker delinquents in the same way. Italian police seem to be the most zealous enforcers, while the French and German police rarely do anything. However, in the meantime, a practical numbering issue looks like it might force change in Swiss licence plate design. Swiss plates, which are issued by the canton of residence, consist of six numbers, placing a mathematical limit on the number of plates, a limit which is close to being reached in cantons with large populations.

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We are proud to launch our latest Corporate Responsibility Report, which shows examples of how Vifor Pharma lives the five pillars of Corporate Responsibility through various activities and measures in our sites and affiliates around the world. At Vifor Pharma, we put our patients at the centre of everything we do. With our expertise in iron metabolism, we aim to provide meaningful support to patients with iron deficiency by engaging directly with them and learning how to develop solutions that will make a difference.

With our expertise in Nephrology, we aim to help patients with chronic kidney disease by engaging directly with them to understand their burden and needs and develop solutions that will make a difference. With our expertise in Nephrology and Cardio, we want to address the unmet need in the cardio-renal field and support our patients by engaging directly with them and develop solutions that will make a difference.

from Latin America, Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe, making them available in cinemas, on dvd and online, all the while supporting independent filmmakers.

Register now and experience this exciting and informative Latin American Day in Zurich. The following representatives of the Swiss Chambers of Commerce in Latin America will be at your disposal to answer your country-specific questions and share business opportunities with you:. S-GE offers individual and free country consultings. Should you be interested in a consulting session, please, kindly get in touch with Albulena Biljali. If you have any questions, please, do not hesitate to contact either of the following representatives:.

Third Party Event. If you have any questions, please, do not hesitate to contact either of the following representatives: Latin American Chamber of Commerce: Joaquin Fischer E-mail: latcam latcam. Program and registration.

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Input profiles or input locales describe the language of the input entered, and the keyboard on which it is being entered. When the first user logs into Windows and identifies their region, Windows sets the input profiles. The input profiles are made up of a language identifier and a keyboard identifier. For example, the Arabic Algerian input profile is , where is the hexadecimal identifier of the language: Arabic Algeria and is the hexadecimal identifier of the keyboard: Arabic When the user first identifies the time and date format User Locale as Algeria, Windows sets up both the primary input profile, and a secondary input profile: French France with French keyboard.

The secondary input profile can help the user by providing a keyboard with a Latin character set for tasks that require it, such as filling out email addresses.

Switzerland’s score of meant it did better than neighbouring Latin lovers Italy (), France (). This is one of the most surprising results.

Ad fontes is open to the public. You can log in with a freely chosen user name and password or as a member of a Swiss university via AAI. Why register? Ad fontes is a learning program of the University of Zurich for all those who work with historical materials. It is aimed not only at students of history and other historical disciplines, but also at interested amateurs and experts.

In the introduction you will discover what you can learn in Ad fontes. Here you get an overview of their history and learn the most important terms to blazon coats of arms in German. New for our English speaking users: Some Latin transcription exercises have been translated for you!

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You are about to change the origin location from where you are visiting Credit-suisse. Read about important economic changes in the European as well as international markets. The following publications provide facts, analyses, and interesting insights. Download them for free. Climate change and the energy transition are key topics with far-reaching microeconomic, macro and political implications, as governments and companies around the world rethink mobility, shipping, materials and packaging, urbanism and energy consumption and how to ensure more responsible consumer habits.

Date(s), location, 6 – 19 Mar , Arequipa, Peru. Conference contact, Helene Haller, CERN Schools of Physics, CH Geneva

Chief Risk Officer at Ebury. The Brazilian real BRL has been one the worst performing major currencies in the world since the rapid spread of the COVID virus turned it into a full-blown pandemic. The currency has lost around one-fifth of its value versus the US dollar since the beginning of March Figure 1 , as investors flocked to low beta assets and sold those deemed as higher risk. This sell-off sent the currency to its lowest ever level at just shy of 6 to the USD, although it has since recovered some of these losses.

Far-right President Jair Bolsonaro has, like many of his predecessors, faced allegations of corruption in the last few months that have resulted in calls for his impeachment. Rates have been slashed by a total of basis points since the onset of the pandemic to 2. Bolsonaro has actively encouraged people to defy social distancing, ignore regional lockdown and partake in large gatherings. Brazil has racked up the second largest number of reported cases of the virus in the world and over 70, deaths at the time of writing — numbers that are likely much higher in reality due to very limited levels of testing.

The country remains in the high growth phase of the virus, at a time when healthcare systems in some of the worst affected regions are already reportedly approaching full capacity. An inability to rein in the number of new infections could lead to an even more severe recession in Brazil this year, in our view. Central bank President Roberto Campos Neto stated in May that the bank had plenty of room to intervene and may step up its efforts to support the currency, should it deem necessary.

The recent sharp depreciation in BRL does, however, increase the real value of the debt payments. A manageable, albeit rising, current account deficit.

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Taking action against climate change – opportunities and challenges for financial players. The way forward. Peter Fanconi had the pleasure to participate at the last TEDxZurich Event to talk about how we can “include the excluded”. The Covid outbreak has caused turbulence in global markets, but what does this mean for impact investing in private markets? Every 2 seconds BlueOrchard supports its investees to disburse a loan to a micro-entrepreneur.

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Our Global Impact. Founded in , BlueOrchard has invested USD 6 billion in over 80 emerging and frontier markets across Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America.

Pounds kg. Inches cm. Print tool and information. Consider FDA-approved medical therapies in postmenopausal women and men aged 50 years and older, based on the following:. For the clinical risk factors a yes or no response is asked for. If the field is left blank, then a “no” response is assumed. See also notes on risk factors.

The risk factors used are the following:.

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The information in Cappelli online was crowdsourced and compiled with the effort of many volunteers. Though experts reviewed the work, some occasional errors remain. Spellings and thus possible discrepancies were also taken directly from the printed Cappelli into the online version. For each image of an abbreviation, you can view an image of the corresponding page in Cappelli by clicking on the page number next to the abbreviation image in the results list.

This ETF has several share classes in different currencies. Listings. Stock Exchange, Listing date, Ticker, Bloomberg ticker, Reuters.

At the beginning of March, consumers in Latin America hoped they could avoid the worst of the impact caused by the novel coronavirus COVID outbreak. In three short weeks, however, the number of known infections increased exponentially, spreading to all countries in the region. That, along with the fact that pandemic has essentially shut down most of the world, has consumers in Latin America expecting the impact to be lengthy.

For many, staying at home is an impossible reality, as staying at home would mean these vulnerable consumers would not have enough money to eat or purchase everyday essentials. That means they continue to work, which heightens the risk of infection. It is an increasingly complex situation that is adding to social unrest and a latent increase of delinquency in the short term. The majority of consumers in Latin America have less money in their pockets and are becoming increasing cautious when it comes to future spending.

As mobility restrictions continue and businesses remain closed, consumers will grow increasingly desperate to guarantee their health and food supply.

Dating a Latina: Expectations vs. Reality