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The Origin Of Vintage Christmas Ornaments And How Much They’re Worth Today

Their original boxes- and shiny brite christmas ornaments, the nativity feast, featuring. Top filipino dating shiny brite ornament, look for fran mickel and s. A conversation concerning the a selling everything, vintage christmas ornaments. Vintage – last year i bought a party.

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For a short introduction of more personal character please visit the German part. Christmas ornaments exist in thousands upon thousands of forms and facets. Therefore I have attempted to arrange my offer of old ornaments according to five main aspects: Origin, Material, Subject, Use, and Time Period. Naturally there is overlapping of all kind: an item may satisfy more than one criterion.

Try the links Angels , Kugels , Paper , Santa , and some others for a wider choice. Since Javascript is not enabled, the size of your screen cannot be determined. Sprich bitte Deutsch. Antique Christmas Ornaments 0 items in cart: 0. From the offer. Antique Christmas Ornaments Items according to:. Dresden Cardboard 8. Angels Art Nouveau

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In the early years of our marriage I bought ornaments for our first Christmas trees; most were the Shiny Brite brand. In our first daughter was born and I decided to start a collection for her. I thought what a wonderful way to build a memory! Finally, I was able to find a beautiful gold bell and the collection was begun. Through the years I kept a diary of the collections … grandmothers and friends also added to the collection.

Pink flamingo with Custom Name Date Glass Ball Christmas Ornament Personalized custom unique Joker Christmas Ornaments ~ Joker Tree Bulb ~​Villain.

For some people, the value of Christmas ornaments rests in how beautiful it looks on their holiday tree or how long it’s been in their family. For collectors, however, the the value of Christmas ornaments is an entirely different proposition. If you’re hanging onto vintage holiday ornaments, they might be worth more than just sentimental value. These are clever ornaments shaped like people or things, as opposed to plain old glass balls.

Those with little to no paint loss, all original components, and glass in all the right places will always bring higher values than less-than-stellar examples. Because ornaments have been used annually holiday trees since around the turn of the 20th century on into the s, so they rarely come to market in pristine condition now. When they do, they’re worth a good bit of cash to collectors. Some of these beauties have been reproduced as well. Again, most will have some sort of wear, even if they are in excellent shape for their age.

Just as with modern Christmas decorations, the best deals on vintage ornaments can be found when they’re not in peak demand for holiday decorating. Those old versions were too heavy to hang on Christmas trees, so they were suspended from the ceiling and displayed all year round.

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By Eric Beeson — December 15th, Ever wonder about that box of vintage Christmas decorations in the attic? Your cherished decorations might be valuable, and even if not, you can sure have a whole lot of fun decorating with them!

Customize our elegant glass Christmas ornaments with a name, date or unique message. Get your custom-engraved glass ornament gifts with free.

Christmas is upon us! This season is a time for all vintage and antique lovers to rejoice. Vintage Christmas is a holiday all its own. The Christmas ornaments and decorations from bygone eras can lend a nostalgic, cozy feel to any home. Holiday items tend to be something that people accumulate over time and, whatever the reason for the estate sale, these items are likely to be a part of the inventory-sometimes for a great bargain.

Whether you are shopping for gifts for other nostalgic Christmas-lovers or decorations for your own home, vintage Christmas ornaments and decorations make beautiful, high-quality heirlooms.

Dating christmas ornaments

Kugels are the earliest form of glass Christmas decorations. The predecessors of these beloved Victorian Christmas ornaments began in an unsilvered form that were hung in windows to ward off evil spirits or witches, a tradition dating back to the 17th century in England and spreading to the colonies in America in the 18th century. Eventually, in the s when silvered glass came into vogue, these same witch balls were manufactured with a silver lining making them reflective.

These glass globes were first used as reflection balls that were hung in windows, from ceilings or placed in gardens on stakes.

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If you subscribe to the notion that there’s no such thing as too many Christmas tree ornaments , then you’re probably always on the lookout for something new to add to your already extensive collection. But rather than buying something new this year, why not try to making some DIY ornaments yourself? Get crafty this holiday season with these adorable homemade ornaments that are not only fun and easy to make so you can totally make it a family activity but will look stunning on your Christmas tree.

Your home will feel so much more cozy and warm with these personal touches hanging up, rather than pricy ornaments from the store. If you get done with these and you’re looking for even more easy Christmas DIY projects to make with the kids, try one of these festive yet simple Christmas crafts. Gather up some Christmas-themed ornaments to make a few DIY’d ornaments. Trace the cookie cutters onto patterned paper and cut them out. Place a small line of glue around the edge of the cookie cutter and place cut paper on top, lining up all of the edges and let it dry.

Attach a small loop of cord to the back of the ornament, let dry, and hang. Then unfold the paper ball and use doublestick tape to attach both ends. On a gold ornament, paint two circles of white where they overlap for an area for the eyes and let dry. Paint two black dots for eyes in the center of the two white circles and let dry. Paint a black or red for Rudolph nose in the center where the two white circles meet and add a little mouth shape underneath the nose and let dry. Attach the twig antlers to the top of the ornament with hot glue.

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It’s your choice: we’ll add the date and the name of your choice within the train’s window and amidst its smokestack, up to 12 letters. Or, if you prefer a train ornament with no customization, just indicate so in the drop-down menu before you add this ornament to your cart. Specify color: choose lettering…. These shimmering ball ornaments are unlike anything you can buy from your local mall.

Each one is printed with a name and date or other text of your choosing in sparkling glitter. Specify color: choose gold….

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The only thing as wonderful as a wrapped book waiting under the tree is a brilliant book ornament hanging from its branches. If you celebrate Christmas, these 34 book ornaments are perfect for every bookish person on your gift list—even if that person is you. Layer one in with other ornaments on your tree, feature several on a book-themed tree, hang them on wreaths and door knobs, or simply pick a special place on a shelf and let the ornament tell its own story.

This mouth-blown, hand-painted one is a classic. The classics lover on your list will appreciate this book stack-turned-tree. For your favorite librarian—or any passionate library-goer— this ornament celebrates the mother of all libraries, the Library of Congress. Choose from an extensive collection of titles, each on a vintage due date card. If vintage due date cards inspire happy memories from your favorite library, this star-shaped ceramic ornament is a fun and colorful way to relive time spent in the stacks.

Prefer blank due date cards? One more vintage library-inspired ornament. Remember the joy of flipping through the possibilities in these card catalogs? And another with a quirkier take on animals and books. This one is for all the book nerds. Book nerds are probably also word nerds.

Personalized Glass Christmas Ornaments

He has a black top hat and bow tie. She has a gold necklace and a glittery wedding veil. Be sure to include couples first names for personalization on snowman’s lower hump. Are you a Maker? Apply to join Amazon Handmade. Skip to main content.

Offer of antique and original Christmas ornaments (glass, cotton, Sebnitz, in the most specific (accordingly a glass zeppelin from Lauscha dating from the silver.

Re-live the Christmas wonderment of your childhood! Visit one of the largest vintage Christmas ornament selections in the Nashville – Middle Tennessee area! We also have a smattering of Japan, Czech, and Poland reflectors and figurals thrown in for good measure! You can browse the area’s largest displays of ss era Made in Japan ceramic figures see article here. Known as ‘New Years’ ornaments, we have blown glass, spun cotton, and Dresden paper.

Shapes run the gamut from simple blown glass shapes and spheres, colorful glass bead chains, complex glass bead boats, planes, rockets and sputniks, shimmering blown glass or spun cotton fruits and vegetables, flowers and pine cones, and all manner of clip-on whimsical fairy tale characters and elegant snow queens. Other clip-on ornaments include charming children, professional figures, Grandfather Frost, Santa Claus, Ali-Baba, clowns, cosmonauts, and so many more!

We also have a selection of large-size spun cotton Grandfather Frost figurines dating from the ss. We also carry a selection of antique and vintage Santa Claus figures ranging from small composition, spun cotton and felt fellows dating from the s and s to the fabulous ss era Harold Gale department store display mannequins. In addition we have a large selection of contemporary hand-crafted Santa and Father Christmas figures by renowned artist Voni.

In addition to the vast amount of tree ornaments, we always have a selection of vintage bottle brush trees, glitter houses, celluloid, chenille and hard plastic Santas, reindeer, snowmen and elves, as well as yards and yards of glass bead garland!

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